- Master of Fine Art - Northumbria University - 2017-2019
- BA Honours Contemporary Lens Media - University of Lincoln - 2009-2012



- Zip: MFA Group Show (Vane Gallery, Newcastle)
Extract from Musings on the End of the World
(Rust, Furniture Springs)
(Polycotton, Rust, Picture Wire)


- Strange Pursuit: MFA Group Show (Vane Gallery, Newcastle)
culture / vomit / future
(Hessian, and canvas)

- O': MFA Interim Show (Baltic 39 Gallery, Newcastle)
All the Systems of the Natural World Held in Perfect Balance
(Re-ordered jute, contained in vacuum)
Bound by Constructs
(Semi-deconstructed jute, vacuum packed)

- What Remains to Say We Were Ever Here At All? (Musings on the End of the World (Vane Gallery, Newcastle)
Solo Exhibition
(Mixed Media)


- Neighbourhood Watch: an introduction to PRESS (MK Gallery, Milton Keynes)
(A4 Print of 3D image/mountain range)


- Lucky Jotter 8th Exhibition (Blackpool)
(A0 Print of digital abstract image)

- Introduction to Glitch Art (Brussels American School)
Workshop on databending using hex editors and audacity
(Workshop for ages 12+)


- Raise a Flag—GIF—on July 4th - Beckett Mufson
Vice Creators Project.
Click Here for Link

- Ende Tymes (Brooklyn)
Inutile - Andrea Dworkin - The Left Cannot Have its Whores and its Politics Too
(Collaboration with Sam Mattacott, sound performed initially under "Dworkin" now Inutile, all video created by Sam Mattacott)

- t-i-l-e-d (
Untitled 3D Cube
(Image submitted for tiled webpage display, gif image of rotating cube layered with pattern)
Click Here for Link


- Loud Tate (Tate Britain)
Untitled still image
("glitched" image submitted to show)

- Prism Pipe (Pehrspace, 325 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles)
(Looped abstract GIF image projected and accompanied by live music)

- Desktop Artists (The Lucky Jotter 6th Exhibition, Blackpool)
Untitled 3D Image work
(GIF images of abstract 3D shapes with databent images as skin)
Click Here for Link


- Santa Head/Jesus Legs (Grey Friars Building, Lincoln)
(Large scale prints of images using glitch aesthetics and 3d imaging)

- Counterfeit (Transfer Gallery, Brooklyn NY)
Gridwerk #38
(Glitch aesthetics in Grid style in counterfeit to A. Bill Miller's Gridwork series)

- Auto-Suggestion (Curated) (Rock Paper Scissors, Lincoln)
Untitled (curated)
(Small scale prints of images using glitch aesthetics and 3d imaging)

- Dirty New Media (Barber Institute of Fine Art, Birmingham)
Untitled #43
(Small scale print of image taken from untitled city scape series, created using broken JPG files)


- The Horror of Broken Old Nintendo Games - Luke Plunkett 
Click Here for link

- Moving the Still (318 NW 23rd Street, Miami)
Untitled Sega Glitch
(RAW image files file conversions in photoshop, re created as GIF image)

- System Error (MCAD / Minneapolis College of Art and Design)
Dr Mario 
(NES ROM Emulator glitch aesthetics created in a hex Editor)

- Final year University Show (#2) (University of Lincoln)
Untitled #3 Video Piece
(mixed media VHS, CRT, found footage)

- Final year show #1 (5 West Parade, Lincoln)
(Glitch aesthetic video piece displaying US and Chinese flag as clock face)